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Hunting Monsters and Men

I adore Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The world, the characters, the story, and the gameplay. And I LOVE the armor and weapon concepts. As much as I enjoy games like Skyrim or WoW, or Anime, or other fantasy themes, CD Projekt Red managed to call to that inner historical fan inside of me with their historical based aesthetics. So, here are some of the pieces I have made from Witcher 3:

Ciri's Sword and Dagger

I built this set for the incredibly talented cosplayer Yelaina May Cosplay, and it continues to be some of my personal favorite work. The sword and Dagger just felt "alive" in the hand and I couldn't help but swing it around in the shop as I was building. It really felt like a blade that wants to be used.

Geralt's Gnomish Gwyhyr

One of my favorite Steel Sword designs from the game and I used this long after I had a technically superior weapon in my inventory...

Geralt's Silver Sword

A unique weapon profile that really favors a thrust-oriented fighting style, I really liked the flared spade tip and the blue grip on this sword.

The Manticore Steel Sword

The ring-hilt on this sword makes it a personal favorite, and posed some unique build challenges early on. The thin triple fuller down the blade was also a beautiful challenge that adds a certain elegance to its deceptively simple profile. The embossed pommel was a fun diversion that I was able to try some new crafting techniques.

I have more Witcher pieces in the works, and some really incredible plans down the road, so keep checking back!

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