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Star Seeker

From the Kingdom Hearts video game, the Star Seeker Keyblade is eye catching to say the least.

I was commissioned to build one, and from the beginning, I was excited. It was a refreshing deviation from the more realistic designs I do, with brighter colors, and exaggerated features. I pulled multiple reference images and started working.

The shape of the keyblade required a curved support, so I used PVC, as the keyblade had lots of bulk that would both cover the thicker core, and require the stiffer support.

With my core in place, I started laminating foam layers. 8 layers later, I finally had enough depth to start carving detail and sculpt. The wings on the handle only needed 3 layers, but the rest of the key needed more. With my a belt sander and rotary tool and a literal arsenal of grinding bits, I started shaping.

I also hand sculpted the chain. Each foam star was weighted with a steel ball bearing, carved, and linked with hand spun steel rings. This gave the chain enough weight to hang on it's own and behave correctly.

I sealed the whole thing with latex and started painting. Lacking experience with an airbrush, I opted to do what I know and brush paint the whole thing. It took me 4 attempts to get a proper gradient from the purple/pink to the dark blue.

Sealed, painted, and topcoated! I am incredibly proud of this build, and I can't wait to get it in the hands of my client.

Let me know what you think of the build, and if you have a similar project in mind, consider my shop for a commission!

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