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Hylian Shield

I little while ago, I was commissioned for a Hylian Shield from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I was thrilled to be working on this project, and was even more excited that they wanted some creative elements added: battle damage!

I couldn't wait to get started, so here we go! I layered EVA foam and forced a slight curve while flying to give the shield more character and depth.

Once that was dry, I cut the shield rim, and the beveled elements, shaped them and cut the eagle from 2mm foam.

Looking good so far! Now that I had the front mostly finished, I cut and glued the back frame to the shield, and made the arm strap and handle. To increase durability, I glued a band of fabric to the inside of the arm strap, and prepared the sockets for the PVC grip.

Everything's in place! I shaped some foam domes for the large rivets on the shield, used my rotary tool to add some dings and scratches to shield surface, and it was on to sealing!

Now that it was sealed, I gave it a base coat of blue and started painting all the details with acrylics. I wanted to add something unique to the shield, so I added a fire blast to one side.

I added some mottled patina to the blue, and several brown washes to the steel. All painted, I sealed all my work with a gloss clearcoat and the shield was finished!

For a similar commission, contact me!

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