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What is Propmaking?

I am not a crafter. I do not play dress up. I am a craftsman and foamsmith, practicing styromancy, using the secret arts to draw items out of a digital screen and into the hands of my benefactors. Roll for initiative!

I am an artisan creating props for Cosplay, LARP, and various other costume events (Renaissance Fairs, etc.) focusing primarily on medieval fantasy weaponry and armor, though I do also create science fiction and some modern fantasy items. My material of choice is EVA foam, and I have poured every skillpoint I have available into my craft.

Sounds awesome! How do I start?

Getting into propmaking can be daunting, and there are numerous "how tos" online, each giving the impression you will craft like a god if you only follow their methodology and use their favorite material.

They are wrong.

In my experience, there are no magic materials, no perfect methods, and your first attempt will be your worst. Guaranteed. My recommendation: try something, be safe, learn from it, and do better next time.

Not very inspiring...

Sorry. That was my experience. I started with cardboard, duct tape, elmers glue, and a very patient mother who put up with my mess (Happy Mothers Day, Mom!)

Start wherever you are comfortable, or, commission someone like me to make it for you!

I will use this blog as a record of my propbuilding, to announce events and milestones in my business, and share other crafters and their work.

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