Elegant and beautiful. Crafted with dedication. The Dragon Pact bow shows the world that you are not one of the common crowd, but a warrior of power, skill, and means. Made by Elswares Props in collaboration with Ivory Forge! Stand out amongst your cosplay friends or become the envy of any archer on the LARP field every time you pick up this stunning example of Bowyer smithing.This Cosplay and LARP bow is our tribute to Tamriel’s beautiful weaponry. Made of PVC with lightweight foam, it is a piece of art that offers screen accuracy with functionality. Note: We are not affiliated with ZeniMax Media or any of its subsidiaries. This is a fan made interpretation.About the bow: Weight refers to the resistance of the bow as the string is drawn back. Our functional bow is 30-35 lb draw at 28 inches.

Dragon Pact Bow


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