Honey Nut Treats are found across the fictional world of Tamriel inside houses, stores and dungeons. Thanks to this real-life DLC packet, unlike in the game, you can cook these delectable treats for you and your friends to enjoy!

Light, sweet, and with a soft crunch, the honey nut treats are delectably addictive. Your friends and family will love these as holiday treats, appetizers, or a themed party food!

Fully developed, taste tested, and produced by Elswares Props, you are guaranteed to get a quality recipe that will delight your senses, and instantly become a staple recipe in your household. You will receive a 3.5x5.5" recipe card with a full color image on one side and easy-to-follow recipe on the other.

Companion Honeynut Treat Recipe

  • No sale or distribution of this recipe is allowed. This recipe is not for commercial use, and no sale of the food that results from the use of this recipe is permitted.

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