Frequently asked questions

Would you make me "X" for free/really cheap? It would be great exposure!

People die from exposure... Seriously though, exposure is not something that the crafter should have to "pay" for by making things at reduced cost or for free. Supplies, time, materials, experience, demand, and basic business sense say that I should not and will not accept commissions for Exposure. I have expenses, and I can't pay my suppliers with exposure...

Are these official/licensed merchandise?

No. All of my work is inspired by, artistic interpretations for the purpose of fan cosplay.

Do you ship worldwide?

For the most part, yes! As long as you are willing to pay the shipping rates, we will work with you. Due to international regulations and restrictions, some of our props can at times run into customs issues as they look like weapons. International rates vary greatly, so if you see something you want, send us a message with the item, your location (including post code), and we will calculate shipping options for you and get a custom listing put on the site for you.

I don't see anything I want in your store. Can you make it?

The answer is likely yes! Send us an email with the name of the item, what it is from, any special requests (light effects, disassemble construction for large props, etc.), and your deadline. We will get some reference images, look at our queue, and get you a response as soon as possible!

How can I support what you do?

There are so many ways! Like me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Watch my YouTube videos Like, share, tweet, pin, my website/products/posts Purchase something from my store Commission something from me Get your friends and family to do the same!