The Story of Elswares Props

I have been crafting and creating costumes and props since I was able to hold a pair of scissors and not get in trouble for it. I really got started in the prop making business when I got involved in some Halloween shows, building some zombie-killing weapons for the actors to use in the show. Since then, I've expanded my talents and decided that people need props that they can safely carry to cons, Halloween parties, and pretty much anywhere else. My requirements: They need to look good, and they need to be affordable (while still being viable for me to make them.)

Elswares Props came to be! I craft most of my work from quality HDXLPE foam, a fiberglass support providing rigidity and stability. The foam is carved, sanded, and formed to shape before being sealed in Plasti Dip and carefully handpainted to bring out the details and adding the realistic details that make my props a step beyond.

Now that you have gotten through my exposition and lore, check out my work, place an order, or consider contacting me for a custom project!

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